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Our Values

  • Build Sustainable Businesses — We are long term investors that bring our experiences, capabilities, and capital to foster the creation of enterprises that stand the test of time.

  • Operate with Unquestionable Integrity — We pride ourselves in always doing what is right for our investors, partners, and communities. We hold ourselves to the highest level of professional integrity and ethics.

  • Act as Principals — We work for our investors and will always treat our investors’ money as carefully as we would our own.

  • Bring a Relentless Team Orientation — We seek to attract and retain people who are individually distinctive and collectively act as a cohesive team. We judge ourselves and each other through the lens of the team’s and our partners’ shared success.

  • Make an Impact — We seek to make positive and impactful differences to society by investing in and supporting businesses that deliver lasting and enduring value to their communities.

  • Apply Robust Governance — We operate in markets that are complex and often in need of higher levels of transparency. We will create added value to our investments by bringing robust governance structures and approaches to the companies in which we invest.

  • Achieve Positive Social and Environmental Impact — We seek to upgrade the social and environmental contexts of the societies in which we invest through the implementation of positive actions in our portfolio companies.

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